Historical Data


Model Curriculum (1988 Babcock Report) 

A Model Curriculum developed by the Special Committee for Undergraduate Curriculum Review in Arts and Sciences and approved by the faculty of the Colleges of the Arts and Sciences, June 8, 1988.

Model Curriculum (1988 Babcock Report) {pdf]

Supplemental GEC Guidelines (1994)

Guidelines and Supplemental Guidelines for the various GEC categories.

Supplemental GEC Guidelines (1994) [pdf]

Review of the General Education Curriculum (1996) 

In 1995-1996, the Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee (ASCC) undertook a general review of the GEC and made a number of recommendations for modifications.

Review of the General Education Curriculum (1996) [pdf]

Blackwell Report (2002)

In 2002,after a process of extensive research, broad consultation, and intensive review of the General Education Curriculum (GEC) at OSU, the Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee (UCRC) made recommendations in this report.

Blackwell Report (2002) [pdf]

McHale Report (2005)

In 2005, the Committee for the University-wide Review of Undergraduate Education, chaired by Professor Brian McHale, made recommendations with regard to credit hours for graduation, changes in the current structure of the GEC, and a new initiative - freshman clusters.

McHale Report (2005) [pdf}

ULAC-GEC Report (2008)

The University-level Advisory Committee for the General Education Curriculum (ULAC-GEC) was established as a subcommittee of the Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) Spring 2008 to review and monitor the status of the GEC and make recommendations as appropriate. This report includes the main findings from the committee’s review during 2008.

ULAC-GEC Report (2008) [pdf]