Distance Learning Courses


Proposals for both new courses and existing courses that wish to include distance learning options must be submitted via curriculum.osu.edu

When filling out the course submission form (in curriculum.osu.edu) the submitter should choose “yes” for “Does any section of this course have a distance education component?” Three additional options will then appear on the screen:

  1. 100% at a distance
  2. Greater or equal to 50% at a distance
  3. Less than 50% at a distance

The submitter should select all the categories that apply for the course.

Examples of common Distance Learning course formats in categories 1) and 2) include:

  1. Distance Courses where 75%-100% of the course materials, exams and regular interactions occur online
  2. Hybrid/blended/flipped courses where 50%-75% of the course materials, exams and regular interactions occur online

Course requests for which either the “100% at a distance” box and/or the “Greater or equal to 50% at a distance” box are selected will be reviewed by the appropriate Arts and Sciences faculty curricular panel. In addition, in that case, before submitting the request, the unit should contact the Arts and Sciences Technology Services (ASCTech) for tech review. (Units in other colleges should contact ODEE or their own support team.) Specifically, ASC units should set up a meeting with Ian Anderson (Academic Technology Lead) to discuss the new or converted distance learning course.  Ian Anderson will guide the unit in the development of the course and walk the submitter through a detailed list of distance-specific syllabus elements, do’s and don’ts, and tips. Ian Anderson will fill out the Distance Learning Course Component Technical Review Checklist. Additional information can be found on the ASCTech webpage about teaching online at the ASCTech Distance Learning Course Proposals page and the ASCTech eLearning Resources page.

Once the work with ASCTech (or ODEE/equivalent college support team for non-ASC units) is completed, the course request should be submitted via curriculum.osu.edu with the following attachments 

  1. a complete syllabus for the distance learning course,
  2. a syllabus for the class version of the course (if applicable), 
  3. the completed Distance Learning Course Component Technical Review Checklist (or equivalent documentation for non-ASC units),
  4. for existing GE courses that are being converted to a distance learning format: an updated GE assessment plan that is specific to the distance learning format. 

When the proposal reaches the ASC Curriculum and Assessment Services, it will be routed to the appropriate faculty panel for curricular review.

Important note: The Distance Learning Course Component Technical Review Checklist that Ian Anderson will complete during his consultation with the submitter comprises the last three sections of the complete Quality Matters (QM) Rubric: Course technology, Learner support, Accessibility and usability. We strongly encourage faculty to follow the Quality Matters Rubric when putting together a distance learning course. Following these best practices will help faculty develop a strong course proposal. Annotations to the complete Quality Matters Rubric can be obtained by contacting Timothy Lombardo (University Quality Matters Coordinator).