Distance Courses


Proposals for both new distance courses and the addition of distance options to existing courses must be submitted via curriculum.osu.edu .

When filling out the course submission form (in curriculum.osu.edu) the submitter should choose “yes” for “Does any section of this course have a distance education component?” Three additional options will then appear on the screen:

  1. 100% at a distance
  2. Greater or equal to 50% at a distance
  3. Less than 50% at a distance

The submitter should select all the categories that apply for the course.

Any course where 75%-100% of the course materials, exams and regular interactions occur online will be reviewed by the appropriate Arts and Sciences faculty curricular panel. In other words, if a unit wishes to offer a course in distance learning (DL) format (100% of instruction is offered by distance) or distance enhanced (DH) format (75%-99% of instruction is offered by distance), the following steps will need to be followed. (Please note that a course previously approved for DL does not need additional review/approval for DH delivery.)

The faculty member will develop a distance syllabus using the ASCTech distance learning syllabus template as well as complete the ASC Distance Approval Cover Sheet. The unit will then contact Jeremie Smith (Distance Education Coordinator; ASC ODE) for an initial review of the materials. Jeremie may inform the unit that revisions need to be made to the proposal. Once Jeremie instructs the unit that the submission is ready for faculty panel review, the course request should be submitted via curriculum.osu.edu with the following attachments: 

  1. the complete syllabus for the distance course (addressing any revisions requested by Jeremie Smith in ASC ODE),
  2. a syllabus for the in-person version of the course (if applicable; for comparative purposes), 
  3. the completed ASC Distance Approval Cover Sheet signed off by Jeremie Smith.

When the proposal reaches the ASC Curriculum and Assessment Services, it will be routed to the appropriate faculty panel of the ASC Curriculum Committee for curricular review.

For non-ASC units submitting GEN distance courses

As of September 23rd, 2022, the Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee will no longer review existing non-ASC General Education courses seeking approval solely for Distance Learning, as these courses are already reviewed for Distance Learning via their own college curricular processes.  Courses from non-ASC units seeking other GEN approvals (a new course seeking GEN status, an existing course seeking an additional GEN status, etc.) will not be reviewed for Distance Learning, but the ASCC Panels may engage with Distance Learning elements of the courses insofar as they affect how the General Education Goals and ELOs are met.   

GEN courses requesting Distance Learning should seek approval through their own college’s Distance Learning Approval process.  Assistance with course development and best practices are available through the Office of Distance Education and eLearning at https://odee.osu.edu/.